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There are six types of employees.  Five of them will never get ahead.  Which one are you?  And did you know that the 2-1-3 isn’t just an area code in California?  It’s also a political game that some managers like to play.  And if you play it with them, you’ll never win.  In Get Ahead – Discover the secrets of building a successful career – author and corporate veteran Michael Ramsey, reveals secrets that you need to know in order to win in the corporate world.


The Lone Ranger always catches the bad guy on TV, but he never wins in the corporate world.  Don’t get steered in the wrong direction and lose your mojo.  Learn how to get the job what you want.  Learn how not to be nervous.  Learn how to win the respect of your coworkers.  And learn how to manage your manager. Whether you’re working from home, traveling, or even if you’re about to be fired, you’ll know exactly what to do – and what not to do.


Don’t become another victim of a political game.  Don’t sit back while other less talented people are being promoted and making more money.  It’s time to learn practical, easy to follow, common sense things that will put your career in the fast lane.  It’s time to – Get Ahead

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