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Is there a connection—a common thread, between Old Testament animal sacrifices and baptism? And just what does a decked out Old Testament priest have to do with New Testament Baptism? 

In order to see what baptism in its true light, you must first see it in the light of the Old Testament

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Has the Lord spoken to you? Did He tell you there's more to it than church, Bible studies, and even speaking out for Him?


Are you sure, all the things you're doing for Him, are the things He called you to do?

How well do you know His quiet voice? Does He give you visions? Would you like to receive light—direct revelation from God?


Can you sense your spirit—the invisible part of you? Do you know for certain when the Holy Spirit moves within your spirit?


Would you like to be given, talents, supernatural spiritual gifts, and power?


Come on a journey with me. I'll show you how to transform your ordinary relationship with God, into a spiritual one.

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