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A Most Unusual Journey

This is where your journey begins. Before God lends His power to you, before He entrusts you with His thoughts, opinions, and insights, before He reveals Jesus Christ to you in a way you could never imagine—you must entrust yourself to Him.

Throughout this journey, I am merely your guide. It is the Holy Spirit who is your teacher. And as we continue on this journey, especially when we move into the desert, I think you'll find, as I did, the Holy Spirit places you in the most unusual circumstances and predicaments. He will touch every aspect of your life. It is how He purifies you.

I tell, He shows, you see.  And if you continue with me on this journey, you will...

I've numbered each of the videos. The first handful are elementary, but no less important than later ones when you learn to harness the power of your spirit (not your feelings) and strike the enemy using very powerful spiritual weapons.

If the Lord is calling you, but only if He is, then come with me on this journey.

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