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Spiritual Warfare

With the exception of the free gift of salvation the Lord offers, nothing in this world is free. And the only reason it's free is because the Lord Jesus paid the price for us.

If you want to be an overcomer – a spiritual Christian, you have to fight for it.  You must be, with the Lord's help – perfect. You must route all and destroy all sin and false guilt in your life—even sin you didn't know you had.

All the enemy needs is a foothold. When you secede ground the enemy becomes more powerful. When you take back ground, you become more powerful.

In this series of videos, I expose schemes and deceptions of the enemy that are keeping you stuck – in the desert.

I also introduce you to more advanced spiritual concepts such as light, the most amazing experience on earth, because it's not of this earth.  An by the way, if you're not sure if you've ever received light, then you haven't. Light hits you like a ton of bricks. Once you begin receiving light, you'll never be the same.

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