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Corporate Vampires

The Fast Break, the Switcheroo, the Twist, and the Established Fact are just some of the ways a manipulative person will lie to you - without you even knowing it.  And that's just the beginning...  The Waiting Game, Shifting the Blame, Authoritative Talking, Demonizing, Guilt Tripping, Odd Favors, Gaslighting, Controlling Statements, and Jabs are just a handful of the manipulative schemes that these kinds of people will whirl at you.  If you know someone who's very manipulative, you might just have a problem.  And if they've taken a disliking to you, then you have a real problem - a vampire problem.

Michael Ramsey unravels the mystery of these kinds of people in this revealing new book, Corporate Vampires - Are there people at work who are sucking the life out of you?  And not only does he unmask the vampire in this intriguing book, he teaches practical strategies you can use now.  That's what makes this very well written book different.  A vampire can not only wreck your career, they're capable of destroying every other aspect of your life as well.  But you don't have to be their latest in a string of victims.


At night, vampires don't go back to a cave somewhere and hang around upside down until it's time to go back to work the next day and torment all the people they work with. They live in homes just like the rest of us.  So whether you're at work, or at home, or anywhere else, it's time take control.  It's time to turn the tables on these people - these vampires.​



"What an amazing book! I can rarely say I've read anything this good or well-written."

--Dominique (editor and creative writing specialist)


"Very well-written. I love the humor and the descriptions are simple to understand."

--Chrissy (editor and legal, political, environmental, and lifestyle freelance writer)


"I love the concept of this book."

--Russ (top-selling author and freelance writer)


"It's super well written."

--Robin (editor and author whose clients include Google, LivingSocial, and Forbes Travel)



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