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Do you know God's voice?

If someone told you they knew God’s voice, what would they think? Would you think they’re crazy? But why? Why don’t you know God’s voice? You talk to Him, or at least I hope you do. He knows everything about you, including the number or hairs on your head. So why? Why then is it so hard to believe that he wants to speak to you?

If you don’t know His quiet voice when He comes in the clouds and calls His own to up to Him, don’t you think that’d going to be a problem? If you don’t know His voice when he calls? If you’re not tuned in? If you don’t know what His voice sounds like when he calls? Don’t you think you’ll find yourself in a bit of a predicament? Do you want to be left behind?

People with mental illness often claim they hear God’s voice. But is it His voice they hear or other voices in their head? And should that stop you from wanting to know God’s quiet voice. Do you think other people will think you’re crazy if you claim to know His voice? Are you guilty by association?

Your pursuit, your primary objective in your Christian walk is to get to know Him. You should desire to know His voice. The naysayers and the mentally ill should not dictate your steps. Only He should. And His desire is for you know Jesus Christ His Son. Then He will reveal His Father.

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